Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Straight Talk iPhone iMessage Activation

Looking to activate your iPhone on Straight Talk?

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So you're stuck on your Straight Talk iPhone iMessage activation? Well you are not alone, read on:

The first thing I tried was rebooting my Straight Talk iPhone; hold the power button until the red slider button appears and then slide it across to power down. Once its shut off, power it back up and check! Some people have said that this fixed the issue right away.

The next thing to try would be connecting it to wifi and seeing if that helps the verification any. This is what fixed mine. For good measure I went back over to StraightTalkSim and reinstalled their APN for my iPhone.

Others have exclaimed that this STILL didnt fix their phones! As a last ditch effort, try this: Go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings. This will remove all of your wifi and cellular saved data and clear up your iMessage issue once and for all!

Please note that clearing your Network Settings will remove all saved WiFi passcodes.

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  1. We have tried all of your suggestions and my daughter's and my imessage still does not work. Any other suggestions???

  2. Getting your Straight Talk IPhone fully functional. (MMS and Phone # imessaging)

    There is a lot of info on the internet concerning how to do this, some of it good; and some of it pure voodoo. Before Straight Talk my IPhone 4 on AT&T was using IOS 6.1.3. I purchased the Straight Talk “starter set at Walmart. It included 3 SIM cards. Here is my distillation of what worked for me and involves the SIM card swap..
    1. Find the SIM micro card for your IPhone. Also find the regular sized SIM card that looks just like the micro card, just bigger.
    2. Using the Micro card as a template, carefully cut down the regular sized card to a micro size. This is going to be used for the SIM card swap. IT doesn’t have to be perfect but it does have to fit into the tray with the circuits sufficiently aligned.
    3. Put the micro SIM card in your Iphone and activate Straight Talk following their instructions.
    4. Remove the micro SIM card and insert the trimmed down card. This will allow access to the network APN settings.
    5. Navigate to Settings, General, Cellular, Network settings. This final screen cannot be opened unless you have the trimmed down SIM card in, but will remain open until you close it.
    6. Once the Network settings screen is open, leave it open and replace the trimmed card with the micro SIM card.
    7. Enter the following:
    a. Cellular data APN: att.mvno
    b. MMS APN: att.mvno
    c. At this point, after a short wait,l some of my remaining MMS fields were automatically populated. Change to following, as needed to the values below:
    d. Mmsc:
    e. Proxy:
    8. Make sure that the values entered are correct. If so, then close the screen and back out to the main settings screen. Once you close the network settings screen, it can only be reopened by the SIM card swap—which will wipe everything that you already entered.
    9. Got to Settings, Messages, Send & Receive. If you phone number for Imessaging is not checked you do not have full Imessaging functionality. It will work for the checked items; i.e. email addresses. At the same time check Settings, Messages. Most likely it will say “waiting for activation”.
    10. To get full functionality, turn off you Iphone:
    a. Hold down the power button until you get the “slide to power off message.
    b. Power off.
    c. Power back on.
    d. Turn back on WIFi, shut off Airplane Mode, etc.
    11. Go back to step 9 and you should be good.
    12. To check MMS:
    a. Turn off Imessaging
    b. Send a photo to yourself.
    c. If you get the photo MMS works. If not, some setting is likely not correct so go back to Step 4 and correct.

  3. I had the same problem. Tried all your suggestions, nothing worked. In the end I found a solution, I re-installed the APN settings using (use safari on your phone with wifi, choose USA and Straighttalk and install the new settings). I am assuming that Straighttalk changed some settings recently and broke iMessage for many of us. It's working fine with the new settings.

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